Coaching-One hour

$75.00 $50.00

Product Description

Could you use a sounding board? Feeling a little stuck?

We can do more in an hour together than what might take you months with trial and error. Are you trying to decipher what God is telling you about you business? Do you need a new game plan for your career? Darby Slaton can help you in this process. Let’s work together and see your situation come turn into a resolution.

We can meet for a one-time session via Skype or like most of my coaching involves two coaching sessions a month. (email me if you are interested in this solution.)

This is for a one-time coaching session. My hourly rate is on a sliding scale depending on the duration of the coaching. Some coaching is short term 1 -3 months or long term 3months to a year.  Other variables include group coaching.