Prophetic Classes


Product Description

What would like look like if you could say you confidently hear the voice of God? 


  1. In this module we will cover the character and nature of God and Identity. This is one of the biggest challenges to hearing the voice of God. Once this groundwork is laid out you will find your hearing improve significantly.


  1. What’s the difference between the office of a prophetic, prophetic gift and spirit of prophecy? We will also cover prophetic protocols we will cover some of protective boundaries to keep you and others safe. This lesson will relieve the pain that rookie mistakes. This module can shave off years of trial and error alone.


  1. The prophetic message come in different use of your senses. Many times we can miss the full picture of what God is trying to speak to us about. This class will show you how to shift through different modalities of prophesying.


  1. Various spheres of influence. Whether it prophetic evangelism (This is the Achilles heel of the most stubborn people J ) and marketplace prophetic can give you a divine advantage.


  1. This module itself is worth the price you pay the class to the 10th power (whatever that means). How to war with your prophetic words so you can see your prophetic words come to pass. This is the number one reason people don’t see their prophetic words come to life.


Come join the fun and be a part of the movement. Be apart of the tribe!!!