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Product Description

Do you feel like you are in a rut?


I want to work with marketplace leaders who want to make an impact for the Kingdom of God. I am looking for those who are rebels against status quo.  I want to teach these change agents how to leverage their God-given gifts, talents, and sphere of influence so they can live the life they imagine for themselves.


I believe these marketplace leaders can be a success in both financial bottom line and at the same time show be successful in your spiritual life. Do you understand your gifting’s? Can you discern what the next move is? Do you have a sense there is more and you’re not sure what it is?


I can help you. I have been helping business owners and career focused individuals excel for 13 plus years. Let’s see if we can come together and find out what the missing piece of your business is. Let’s change the world together.



  1. Identity theft-changing the lens of God and yourself. Your theology will create opportunities or it will box you in. I want to expose some lies that keep you from true success in your business. The truth will set you free. This module will smash misconceptions about Gods plan for you. This is an adventure and the pleasure of doing Gods will, will fuel you with new passion.


  1. Convergence is when your destiny is actualized. Where is your sweet spot in life? What would it like look like if what you thought was a setback actually catapulted you into your God-given dream? What are you created for? Where is your sphere of influence? 80% of the church do not know how to get into convergence. If you find the right mix of your gifting’s, influence, favor, natural talents, spiritual gifts, personality and how they converge into mission this is where you can take your business or career by storm both financially and spiritually.


  1. What are the 7 spheres of influence? This class you will get Kingdom plan that you can partner with. This will give you a bigger picture with some of the personal components of your business. Don’t you think that if you are aboard this plan that success is inevitable? You can be missional to help unveil Heaven on Earth


  1. How to get clear direction so you can get the blueprint from God? There are many frustrated Christian business owners that don’t have the confidence to hear God for themselves. In this module, I want to help facilitate you to discover this blueprint.


  1. How to shape reality with the greater reality of the Kingdom. Many believers I have met are frustrated with their attempts of making a business work. What most don’t know if they find themselves striving and making their work harder than operating out of a smarter and restful position. Understanding how the Kingdom of God will unlock doors and yield more opportunities, insights, and financial gains. Understand what it means to come into agreement with Heaven and see how your world is about to be rocked. Come join me and the tribe of world-changers.


This teaching module has 4 classes.