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Values, Beliefs, & Mission

Knowing I am a part of a great adventure is what gets me out of bed in the morning. How about you? My mission, in one sentence, is to help people learn to hear the voice of the Lord, help people to find their destiny, and I give practical and supernatural steps to help people, achieve their dreams, and impact their sphere of influence.

Dr Bobby Clinton,  researcher of destiny, shows that 80% of people never step into “convergence”. What is convergence? Convergence happens when your gifts, talents, and acquired skills “converge” with a role that empowers you to excel in your God-given purpose.

Convergence is the sweet spot for your life. This is truly the abundant life that is referred to in scriptures. Most people I encounter feel as though they are stuck in a rut. I have discovered some biblical, principles, wisdom, patterns, practical, and supernatural elements that you will get unstuck and out of your rut. There are thousands of people who are waiting for something to happen in their lives but don’t see the step that God maybe asking them to take before unfolds their destiny. There are also many people who don’t realize they have the option of choice to follow their God-infused passions, but rather have a limited belief system of the will of God. Some feel like they missed it, or blew their destiny and, have therefore disqualified themselves.

I have seen it in my life and in so many others that I have helped over the years, that once you start moving toward your purpose, there are many divine appointments to help you on your journey. You start to attract resources rather than repel them.

What were you created to do? The only thing that matters is to fulfill your God given destiny. You live out of that place  where I can help you to go.

Background, Skills, & Training

For years I found myself desiring someone to show me the way through life. I ended up eventually coming into personal development which led me to where I am now. I have spent years studying, psychology, life skills, and various leadership training which I have put into practice for my own various businesses and other endeavors. I have also been coached by a master coach for the past 3 years, Carl Leaman. I have various certifications in leadership development, sales training, etc etc I have also coached many different kinds of entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders over 10 years of experience.

Philosophy Of Coaching & Speaking

My goal is not to just come to one event. Real change happens in intentional relationships. It isn’t my intention just to come speak and give you some encouragement but rather to see you come into the image of Christ. I want to see transformation. Fruit that last. My strategy is that I would come speak and see if our spiritual dna is similar. Once we see that we are moving in the same direction my desire is to sit with you and other leaders of your organization and discern what direction God is taking you. Once that is clarified we can establish some goals and I can partner with you and your organization to help you get there. Bringing Heaven to Earth practically speaking can only happen when we are unified and we have the heart and mind of Christ.